A comprehensive solution for monitoring via NFC tags: easy and innovative, it allows you to keep everything under control like never before possible!

The solution


TAGs are NFC microcircuits that can be inserted in various physical media such as: adhesives, paper, ceramics, plastic, etc.
These devices work with radio frequency technology and, suitably programmed, can satisfy a large variety of applications and uses.

Each TAG we manage is unique and can neither be forged or duplicated.

Management Software

CHeckME is a simple, versatile, secure, scalable and economical offer in SaaS mode: a monitoring and management system that can provide the user with countless application fields.

Tools for operators

The system consists of back-end software based on web technology and designed to be tailored to the customer's requirements, along with a front-end app that can be installed on smartphones and tablets, able to perform all the functions and pre-set actions for individual users.

The interaction between the back-end and front-end systems make it perfectly safe, and the activities of the various operators are not modifiable.


Plant maintenance

Electrical • Telecommunications • Mobile/BTS Telephony • Security • Thermohydraulics • Adjustment • Lifting

Public utility

Surveillance • Cleaning • Health • Transportation and Logistics • Fire extinguishers and emergency exits • Car sharing and rental • Gardening • Street lighting

Human resources

Register staff entrance/exit • Time/cost monitoring • Geolocation • Daily work reports • Company vehicle fleet management • Task subdivision

Document management

Virtual archive • Timetable management • Asset Management


A solution with unique features on the market



Cloud management system with redundant backup

200+ devices

Tested and certified compatibility with more than 200 NFC devices (continuously growing)

NFC technology TAGs

Customizable, encrypted, cannot be copied or replicated

Lower TCO

Reduced activation and management costs, adapts to any business

Time to market: 24h!

The solution can be activated within 24 hours of an order

Maximum scalability

No growth limits


Logos and customer brands

Advanced reporting

Clear and customizable reports

SaaS mode

Software as a Service, always available

Maximum security

Dedicated database, end to end encrypted communications, possibility of dedicated servers

Maximum usability

Data uploading with drag and drop, simple and intuitive interfaces, also works offline


Check-list importing from Excel, data exports in tabulated format, interaction with other systems via Web Services


Everything is georeferenced and therefore traceable


Some of the customers who have already chosen the CHeckME solutions


Some testimonials of those who have already chosen the CHeckME solutions

Gestitel Broadcast, among the Italian companies leader in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment of all kinds, has developed a special electrical device for protection against lightning discharges and surges.
The complexity and criticality of today's systems makes it necessary for our clients, a control system that allows to have the updated status of the various maintenance that are performed on installed systems and checking for any problems. This allows us to improve many of our procedures and to offer customers an exclusive control service, even remotely, receiving constant information on the field devices.
We chose CHeckME for us and for our products, for all proposed solutions to our customers, being the main protagonists of the international radio and television landscape, through this application are able to improve the various data processing processes, have transparency in the relationship with their personnel, reduce costs and reset the transcription and archiving errors besides being able to manage an inventory of equipments and locations.

Gabriele Brambilla, Sales Mgr., Gestitel Broadcast srl

MGH Systems is an active group in the engineering, creation and management of data centers, either their own or of third parties. The complexity and criticality of today's systems necessitate control systems that allow us to have, at all times, the state of repair of the expensive systems installed and verification of any problems arising in each of the apparatuses present in our Data Centers. This allows us to automate many procedures that were previously carried out manually by operators and to have, even remotely, constant control of our infrastructure.

Marco Colombo, Ceo MGH SYSTEMS ltd

APA Confartigianato has always been committed to finding innovative solutions that can help companies carry out their work more effectively and efficiently. CHeckME is a new solution, effective and economical for all the monitoring and control that a service company today needs in order to improve its processes and offer transparency in its relationships with customers. This is why we have chosen it and continue to support it, and this is why more and more small businesses are using it.

Giovanni Barzaghi, President of APA Confartigianato Milan, Monza and Brianza

LGH SPA, is a multi utility based in Lombardy, 51% owned by the A2A Group, which has always been inspired by the innovation of its internal processes; CHeckME is one of the answers to our ongoing search for improvement. Specifically, processes related to preventive and predictive maintenance in both Fleet and Facility have found in CHeckME an optimal solution that represents the best option for the last mile of the process! As the Fleet, Logistic and Facility LGH Group Manager, I am convinced that this solution will bring further benefits to complex activity management by timely measurement of SLAs, better monitoring of security and a dematerialization of paper sheets that are still today an error factor. I'm sure the system will be a support, also looking to Industry 4.0 and Smart City, which is crucial to innovation and improvement of mobility and asset management processes ... but not only!

Ing. Antolini Michele, Fleet, Logistics and Facility Manager LGH SPA


CHeckME was founded in 2016 as an innovative start-up, backed by the founders' and staff's twenty years of experience and expertise gained in the areas of maintenance, services and the Internet world.

Following two years of research and development, CHeckME approaches the market as a flexible and innovative SaaS system, able to provide its customers with unique, cutting edge solutions.